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Written by Ella on Feb. 11, 2018
What an amazing site, love all the details in your site!
Written by Piper on Dec. 6, 2017
Amazing pups and amazing pedigree!!! I got my Mysti from JTK!! She’s a little over 5 now with no health issues what so ever!!! She’s about 165lbs and the most amazing dog I’ve ever had!! Best temperament and so smart!! Oh my gosh she’s smart!!! If you’re looking for a mastiff look no more!! This is where you want to get one for sure!!!
Written by Amie Byrd on Jul. 16, 2017
I am so love the pictures you share, and very beautiful web design.
Written by Juliana Flaherty on Feb. 5, 2016
Jennifer was wonderful to work with, she is a real dog person that care more for dogs then people. When we pick up are puppy there were tears in her eyes when she said good bye to the puppy. I highly rememde her if you are looking for a pure old english mastiff.
Written by Doug on Oct. 19, 2014
To everyone out there. Jens pups are beautiful. I have had the opportunity to meet them and to spend some time with Jen. She is a lover of the breed and treats her puppies and adult dogs as if the they were and they are her children with four legs. Take a minute to give her a call and go visit these awesome pups. These are the Gentle Giant you will fall in Love with. And take one home!!!
Written by Chuck & Judy Strait on Sep. 20, 2014
I want to Thank Jen and her family for raising such a wonderful dog and then giving me the gift of adopting her.Your home is a place any dog would love to live. Your dogs are so beautiful and well cared for.They live like they are family in your house.I was very impressed and pleased. Dreamy is such a sweetheart and we love her already. God gave you a gift caring for his animals and you do it well.Thank you ,Chuck & Judy
Written by courtney on Feb. 14, 2014
I had been looking for a mastiff puppy for my husband for months when I came across Jens page. Jen was one of the first "breaders" that actually responded to an email and to my supprise she responded fast. My family and I went to see the puppies and fell in love, Jen and her family were amazing, the nicest people I have met in a long time... well we finally got to go pick our new baby up and to our supprise left her house with not one but 2 new babies! They are the sweetest cutest little (big) things ever and we couldn't be more satisfied with our decision to get them fron Jen!
Written by Brigitte on Feb. 11, 2014
Our family just got our first mastiff and I don't think we could be any happier. Summer is so outgoing and fantastic with our 2 girls (ages 1 and 3). Jen has been their for us any time we had a question or concern. We cannot wait to spend the next 10+ years with our new addition and are thrilled to be "part of the family" ;) I would (and have) recommended jtkmastiff.com to anyone and everyone that asks us about our little Summer. Thanks again Jen. U gave us the best new addition to our family that we could have asked for.
Written by Frank L. Gallagher on Jan. 21, 2014
Jen and JTKMastiff came highly recommended to us by another breeder. I was a former SPCA Inspector who knows what to look for when adopting a puppy. It was quickly apparent that I had found the right breeder and the right puppy for me. Daisy is a perfect example of what an English Mastiff should be, in both temperament and looks. I got to meet the Sire and Dame as well as other dogs and puppies. All were very healthy and very sociable. I highly recommend JTKMastiffs.
Written by Brittany Keppelers on Jan. 21, 2014
Amazing amazing amazing :)! My husband has not stopped talking about getting a mastiff, since he got home from deployment! Over a year now! I finally had to buckle and do my research. I have been looking everywhere, all the local shelters and checking into websites. For some reason when I stumbled upon her ad on puppyfind I really enjoyed reading the background and can see just through the website alone how deeply she cares for these dogs. Rest assured when you go to see your potential new addition you will leave cheesin and counting the days till you get to pick up your newest puppy son/daughter! We get our boy in 3 weeks and our son (the human one :]) was overjoyed by the love and attention these mastiffs poured all over him! He can't wait to have one of his own. Jen and her family have a great passion for these beautiful dogs and we so respect the dedication! You won't be disappointed :) well worth the drive and the wait.
Written by Missy Forgione on Jan. 18, 2014
I have known Jen at JTKMastiff for many years now. A more loving home cannot be found. All of her animals are children in Jens eyes and raised accordingly. When I visit it is to warm doggy kisses and big Mastiff hugs. Nothing makes your day brighter than 200+pounds of unadulterated love bounding towards you. Every pup that Jen has to offer is hand raised with family indoors with lots of lovin. You can't get a more social loving animal. I could type all day about how well her doggies are taken care of and how they all want to love on you. One visit to Jens and you'll be leaving with a pup(or 2)
Written by Thomas Regan on Nov. 30, 2013
Jen has the happiest, best looking mastiff puppies hands down. She has been breeding mastiffs for a long time and it shows. She knows her stuff. I am so happy we added one of her mastiff puppies to our family. If we decide to add another to our family I know where I am going. Thank you Jen!!
Written by Kimberly Taylor on Oct. 18, 2013
My Mouse
When my son was just under two my Mom and I contact Jen because we wanted a dog that would be big enough to take a rambunctious child but gentle enough to tolerate him. My son has special needs and is extremely strong and active. We found Mouse, a fawn girl, and what a blast just watch her grow to her whopping 180 lbs of sweet and gentle. We lost our girl a fe yrs ago and she is deeply missed. Hoping to maybe find a young adult to bring in to our family again as work schedule makes puppy aising difficult. Jen's Mastiffs are exceptional. Have looked around closer to my home and not seen one that compares...Would love to know if any are available
Written by Lester on Oct. 18, 2013
Thor (Ash)
On 11/2/11 we drove from Jacksonville to meet Jen and to be introduced to Ash now Thor. I must say we was made to feel very welcome and as if we had know Jen for years. WOW does Jen have a very impressive family of mastiff's. PLEASE if your considering an addition to your family I highly reccomend contacting Jen. Thank You Jen for our to baby Thor Son of Eclipse..
Written by Sonny Hector Ny on Oct. 18, 2013
You can't go wrong with one of Jen's Pups
First I will say I have known Jennifer for as long as I can remember. She has been an animal lover her entire life. I grew up down the road from her family farm in Upstate New York. They always had dogs, cats and kittens, horses and colts, many guinea pigs. I learned a lot of my life lessons threw being her little shadow. (I think her mom would actually call me that, lol) Well the part I want to get to is about the puppy I adopted 1 week ago, his name is Mater. His parents are Dolly and Galaxy and my boy is a beautiful apricot with a perfect black face and great white star on his chest. We went to our Vet today and he said he is perfect. We were very lucky Jen's husband Terry was able to bring him up to New York with him, just after his 8 week check up. Mater is doing great he loves the cool weather here in New York he has fun running thru the leaves with his big brother Buster the Boston Terror who is only 22lbs . Buster at does not realize that in just a few short weeks he will soon become the little brother and no longer be able to tell Mater (27lbs) the way it is going to be. Mater is doing good at going to the potty outside and will whine when it is time. He is knows what sit means and comes when called he is always looking to please. He is just a perfect addition to our family, everyone just loves him so much and we can't wait to watch him grown in to an excellent dog. Jen has created a wonderful stock of Mastiffs, I have no doubt you will be happy with your puppy you receive from her home, as she had always been a great mother figure, and wonderful family.

Latest comments

24.11 | 14:32

Is this dog for sale? What breed and how old?

24.11 | 14:07

I was inquiring a African Mastiff Boerle. Do you have any in all black preferable a male? If you have any puppies or one at least a year in age.

04.10 | 19:55

Mysti looks just like Charlee in the face. I remember her as a puppy! She is just beautiful!

04.10 | 17:27

No pups now and none expected this year but I have some adults to place from 1 yr old to 4 years old. Call me if your interested. 3524274383

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