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Written by Debbie Jolley on Oct. 18, 2013
our family got one of Dolly and Austins pups.Her name is Leela and she is sooo spoiled. Pretty sure she thinks she is humane. Would not trade her for the world.Her best friend is a little kitten named spaz. We got her a couple of moths ago and they play together and sleep near each other. Thanks Jen for my baby!

Latest comments

24.11 | 14:32

Is this dog for sale? What breed and how old?

24.11 | 14:07

I was inquiring a African Mastiff Boerle. Do you have any in all black preferable a male? If you have any puppies or one at least a year in age.

04.10 | 19:55

Mysti looks just like Charlee in the face. I remember her as a puppy! She is just beautiful!

04.10 | 17:27

No pups now and none expected this year but I have some adults to place from 1 yr old to 4 years old. Call me if your interested. 3524274383

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